Friday, June 11, 2010

GFCF and...Organic

We are jumping in the deep end ($$$) and purchasing all organic items this month. And that means, among other things, grass-fed organic beef. It is going to be so expensive but after watching Food, Inc. and reading This Story, I am convinced, and I refuse to put any more stuff into Miss B's body. She doesn't need animal antibiotics or growth hormones. She has been through too much already.

This may mean that I have to drastically reduce my portion sizes of meat, or cut out meat altogether from my diet, but that's OK. Miss B is worth it.

We just got back from the Health Food Store with Applegate Farms: ham for sandwiches, bacon, and hotdogs - organic and nitrate-free.

I can hardly wait to see Miss B's beautiful eyes and face tomorrow when she has nothing going into her mouth but 100% certified organic products.

We hope you all have a very nice weekend.