Thursday, September 3, 2009

GFCF Pastas

Today I would like to take a minute and share my thoughts about GFCF pastas. I would love it if you would share your thoughts about it, too. I am not sure I have this GFCF "thing" down when it comes to pasta (or bread), to be honest.

First let me say (probably again) that I love, love, love pasta. There is hardly anything better to me than pasta simply cooked in chicken broth, or just cooked pasta tossed with butter and garlic salt. It's like bread - just add butter --> HAPPY.

The first GFCF spaghetti style pasta I tried was made from corn and I used it in a spaghetti carbonara recipe. It did not taste good and it seemed to dissolve in my mouth. Other than the dissolving thing, perhaps this pasta would be better in something like a chili-mac recipe? Corn + Chili = Yummy.

The second pasta I tried was organic brown rice pasta, in elbow macaroni style, with chicken and chicken broth. At first there was a distinct very slight bitter taste but it was gone the next day when we ate more as leftovers.

I tried the organic brown rice in spaghetti style in traditional spaghetti and it was just simply gross. I did forget to toss the spaghetti in (gfcf) margarine and garlic salt before I added it to the sauce. Maybe that is where I went wrong? A nice Italian lady told me organic brown rice pasta is the pasta her family prefers.

Lastly, I tried the rice-potato-soy pasta, spaghetti style, again in traditional spaghetti. I did toss it with gfcf margarine and garlic salt before I added it to the sauce and it was pretty darn good. Not exactly like non-gfcf pasta, but much better than corn or brown rice pasta. I found this pasta at Kroger - the brand is Bionaturae:

I would love to know what you guys think about all the different gfcf pastas and combinations with different foods for different recipes that you have tried.


Kathryn said...

Where do you get the potato-rice one? I would like to know. I, too, think the corn is yucky. Now, quinoa is better if you get the regular and not whole wheat. I found some rice alphabets that are cute, but everything has an aftertaste to me. So, I would love to try the potato-rice and that might just help me make a comeback with pasta for Lib.

Southern GFCF said...

I goofed! It is rice-potato AND soy pasta. Not just rice and potato. I went back and edited the post. It is Bionaturae Organic and Gluten Free and I found it at Kroger.

Kathryn said...

Hmm. You know I have tried avoid soy. But, at this point, I don't know how Lib would react to it, so I could try it. I bet it tastes better than rice, but you're right, there are a lot of people who like the rice pasta. Maybe have to develop a taste for it.

Southern GFCF said...

I am so sorry that I initially forgot that it contains soy!

I am going to try the brown rice spaghetti pasta with traditional spaghetti sauce again this weekend (there is a little bit left in the pkg. for sampling) - tossing it with gfcf margarine and garlic salt - BEFORE I add it to the sauce this time. If it makes a difference - I will let y'all know. I figure that nice little Italian lady surely must know what she's talking about. :)

Southern GFCF said...

Hey, it turned out pretty good - tossing the spaghetti with margarine and Ghee and garlic salt before adding it to the sauce. Also, I added a little more canned tomato sauce than usual and that made it even better!