Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Best Fried Chicken Ever

Chicken strips
1 egg, beaten
1 cup Mimiccreme, unsweetened
1-2 cups GF flour mix
garlic salt
safflower oil

Soak chicken pieces in salted water for 5-10 minutes. (You may skip this step but I recommend it.) Drain thoroughly. Add a beaten egg to 1 cup Mimiccreme and stir well. Add in a few chicken strips at a time and let soak while you mix the flour.

Put flour in a shallow dish or pasta plate and add two sprinklings of salt (I didn't measure), one sprinkling of garlic salt (this will not make the chicken garlicky; it will make you say, "Hmmmm. What is that yummy flavor?"), and one sprinkling of pepper. Mix well. Remove chicken from egg and cream mixture and coat chicken in flour on both sides and fry over medium heat until golden brown. Drop those chunks of flour and Mimiccreme that you have on your hands gently into the hot oil too. When they are golden brown and cooled, you won't be disappointed!

By the time I put the last batch of strips into the oil, they were falling apart.

~ This recipe is inspired by a TACA recipe Fried Chicken with Country Cream Gravy and Dr. King's Delicious Fried Chicken Recipe.

I did try to use Mimiccreme to make gravy after all the chicken was done (instead of CF milk or water) and it produced the richest, creamiest gravy ever. Thank you TACA! ~