Thursday, November 19, 2009

GFCF Caramel Cake

On the site meter, I saw that someone out west was searching for a GFCF caramel cake recipe. There have been a lot of searches lately for speciality items - I am guessing because of Thanksgiving. So I am breaking with my usual way of posting recipes, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, and because caramel cake happens to be my second favorite cake of all time.

This is Carol Fenster's basic GF cake recipe: Carol Fenster's Basic Cake

It's not so different from Bobby Deen's (Paula Deen's son) recipe for the cake part of a caramel cake, other than CF uses 2 layers and BD uses 3 layers.

Personally, I would omit the lemon peel and also use an equal part of vinegar instead of lemon juice with GFCF milk (to make buttermilk) to make this cake for a caramel cake recipe. I just don't think lemons and caramel compliment each other, but that's just me. Be sure to substitute with GFCF margarine instead of butter or regular margarine, rice or almond milk as your non-dairy milk, and GFCF vanilla.

This is the recipe for Bobby Deen's Caramel cake: Bobby's Caramel Cake Recipe There are good reviews about it.

To make the filling and frosting GFCF, use rice or almond milk instead of milk, Mimicreme instead of cream, GFCF margarine instead of butter, and GFCF vanilla.

I have not tested this recipe, but I don't see any reason why these substitutions would not yield basically the same cake as Bobby Deen's.

So, to recap, we have Carol Fenster's Cake (with GFCF substitutions and vinegar instead of lemon) and Bobby Deen's filling and icing (with GFCF substitutions) combined to make a GFCF Caramel Cake.

I am looking forward to trying this recipe when we purchase more Mimicreme. In the meantime, I hope you all find this mishmash of two recipes helpful. And delicious.


annie said...

I really applaud you for doing this blog. We used to be a gfcf family, too, and I know how hard it is to not only make the transition but to try making food that just doesn't work out, sometimes. I always found the cf part to be the hardest -- but then I've always been a dairy girl.

I wish you continued success with your cooking!
I occasionally blog about my son with autism here. Also, have you seen gluten free girl? She posts wonderful gluten free recipes that are sometimes casein free, as well.

Southern GFCF said...

Thank you annie.

I am so grateful for this diet and the reduction in seizures it has brought Miss B that I felt like I needed to give something back. So I created this blog in an effort to do that.

Thanks for the links! :)